AIC has 25 years of experience in the travel industry and profound knowledge covering all areas of this sector. Our touristic specialists naturally have a CRS/GDS background. Our expertise and competence is difficult to surpass.


A reliable infrastructure, legal certainty and attractive prices due to intelligent personnel management – these arguments speak for us! Compare our services and prices to those of our international competitors!


Great competence requires highly qualified employees who are motivated and have long-term company affiliation. The AIC facts speak for themselves: AIC team members remain at the company nearly twice as long as the average for German service center employees. In terms of sick leave, we are more than 50% below the national average. Now that's quality!


We can demonstrate that AIC improves your customers' satisfaction, your shopping cart value and your sales. An example is available here. We would be happy to discuss further details with you.


Competence and experience really make themselves noticeable in the most important disciplines: Outbound calls with high conversion rates, upselling competence for more profit, and fast, competent service using social media channels. Only professionals can help you succeed in these areas. We would be happy to provide you with some of AIC's examples.


AIC is unique when it comes to integration in your processes, structure and brand identity. The advantage of this is a uniform understanding about customer service and processes as well as a high degree of transparency. In addition, you always stay up to date.